Manufactures of the ultimate 4×4 Overland Aluminium Vehicle Accessories, Conversions and Canopies.

About Alu-Cab

Alu-Cab has been building off-road products for the outdoor industry in Africa for over fourteen years. These products have been tested in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. As a result, it was only logical to take a few of these selected products into other areas around the world. Three years ago we started exporting parts to Europe, testing the market to see if our product quality would pass the Germans’ high standards. We passed with flying colours, and as a result, are now one of the better known South African brands currently sold in Europe.

Thanks to our growing reputation at home and in Europe, Alu-Cab South Africa was approached by Jakkie, the owner of Quick Pitch Campers in Perth. He was already hard at work manufacturing and selling his campers to the Australian off-road market and he recognised the opportunity to export the Alu-Cab product to Australia.

Alu-Cab in Australia

We started by launching a range of our basic products to the market at our first Australian show and to our surprise most of what we had on offer was sold. By testing these waters and receiving this result, we recognised a great desire and need for our product in Australia.

Customers immediately recognised the quality and strength, as well as the practicality that our products offer. As implied by our name, the majority of Alu-Cab products are built from aluminium.

We are able to gain strength without compromising on weight as a result of this hardy material. Another important area of consideration is the fact that most of our products are almost 100% recyclable; the welfare of our planet being a priority of our brand.


Home of the famous 270 Degree Shadow Awn, The strongest in the market.

Canopy & Vehicle Accessories

Quality designed and engineered touring accessories for your expedition vehicle.

Explorer Canopies

Not just your usual canopy. It is the ultimate overlanding equipment platform.

Rooftop Conversions

Tried and tested in Australia, these conversions are the ultimate accessory for the dedicated tourer.

Rooftop Tents

Why settle for budget accomodation when you can have the penthouse suite.

More Information

For more information and a list of our current Australian dealers,
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