About Quick Pitch

Who we are and what we do…

Innovative Custom Design

We continually push the boundaries with our products. The combination of a master draftsman and committed suppliers means we can bring you the very best in functional products for any adventure.

Problem Solvers

We design in-house which means that we can provide our clients with tailored solutions. We take the hassles out of your adventure so you can enjoy what you drove so long for in the first place.

Customer Support

We strive to answer enquiries as soon as possible and go beyond the normal “serving” hours of the conventional norm. We stand behind our brands and will personally resolve any issue that arises in a timely manner.

Our Story

Starting from humble beginnings as a fabricator with a passion for travelling.  After being invited to join a party in driving the Canning Stock Route the thought about designing a camper that can address the rugged outback conditions, took root. The Quick Pitch Camper was born and the rest is history. Soon enough more brands joined the line-up and Quick Pitch was born to encompass the best solutions for the offroad and camping market in Australia.